Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Things are starting to come together! I've got the numbers finalized with our caterer, and the food it going to be tremendous!

I have cakes and pastries galore ordered from the caterers, Veneto's Cakes and Pastries, and I even have some home made special request items. Can you tell Albert and I have a sweet tooth?

My dress is being drycleaned, I have our Special Events Liquor License, Mom is working diligently on our floral arrangements and I'm starting on the seating arrangement tonight. I still have oodles of little things to do, but it's nice that I can count some of these things done off the check list.

I'm in Abbotsford right now. I left Victoria on Monday and I forgot my earrings at home! :( Super sad about that. Because I'm such a scatter brain, I can't even tell Albert where they are, because I don't remember! I know what they're packaged in, but I honestly can't tell you where I put them down last.

Anyway, on a much homier note, I found the cutest perfume bottle (shaped like a roman goddess), a like-new Tupperware jello mold and a replacement bowl for my Sunbeam (I'm constantly having to wash the single one I have) while thrift shopping with my sister. If one thing can be said about Abbotsford, it is the abundance of thrift stores and I have great fun poking through them.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time Marches On

Well here we are. A scant 15 days before the event. I need to crack down and call everyone who hasn't RSVP'd yet.

If any of you are wondering why we haven't said anything about where we're registered, it's because we have our whole life in storage right now. We don't even know what we need. We're pretty sure we don't need anything. Except a queen size bed. But even if we got that, we'd have no place to put it right now!

Our personal time line is crazy. We want to move into our own place this fall, but Albert will be getting transferred to another Kal-Tire store in the spring, so we have to find a place that's month by month payments. In Victoria, that's uncommon. Most places are a year lease required. We'll also be fighting with the market, as there will be a lot of students coming back to Victoria for their next semester of schooling. This reliable influx of renters makes the market expensive and brutal.

My dress is being altered as we speak. I didn't really realize how heavy it was! Hopefully I don't collapse under it lol.

The 14-day trend forecast is predicting sun and a high of 17 degrees. I hope it stays that way! Not that we'll be on the beach for long. I'm considering blankets for everyone to sit on the ground if they want. Chairs would just sink into the sand. Otherwise it will just be standing for 15-20 minutes while we do the short I Do's. Super Casual! And then its inside for iced tea and lemonade! Or a beer. If that's your thing.

Anyway, thought I'd just drop a line in here :) Hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bride's Fear Come True

I put the wrong address on the invitations!! Q_Q I feel like an idiot. They just got shipped YESTERDAY. Waaaaaah :(

I've updated the info on the RSVP page which everyone has to go to anyway and made it in red that I've made the mistake, but I still feel like an idiot. So everyone, PLEASE read the direction update on the Wedding Tab.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


My life is lived in point form right now... its getting overwhelming!

  • Original venue fell through
    • Alternate venue is fabulous but we're waiting to see if that day is possible. If not, it could mean changing the date by a little
    • Because of this change I'll be only able to have 80 people in attendence
    • I still haven't told the caterer
  • Ordered the favours and the candy for the favours
    • After we arrive it means a lot of wrapping/packaging
  • Mom and I found some great pussywillows, but I don't know if its enough
    • We'll have to possibly find a filler or an alternate source
  • Albert's ring is the wrong size, again, so we have to order another
  • I have to find someone to get my dress altered with that will not send the garment away
    • Push comes to shove I may have to alter it myself, which makes me scared
  • I have to get my passport submitted ASAP to make sure I can go on my honeymoon
  • Money is being an issue. Making decisions and the ability to act are harder because of it
  • We're looking at rental apartments and the price of housing out here is making me sick. It's more expensive than an apartment in Kits and creeping up on Yaletown pricing
So that's my life right now... My brain is gonna explode soon, but Mom and Dad are doing what they can, so I can only just try to breathe.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Things That Go Around for $100 Alex

So we have picked out our rings :D I tried to convince Albert to go for the laser etched tungsten gold "One ring" from Lord of the Rings but he wouldn't go for it :(

What you guys may not know is that during all of this craziness we are also trying to figure out our next car. Ours is ready to drive peacefully into that quiet night. The whole process kinda makes me sick. Even if you have a car payment of $370 a month, for 5 years, you are paying like $14 per day to have that car, not including gas or insurance. And used cars aren't much better.

I want a car that will keep me and future kids safe with a hatched back. SUV, Crossover, Wagon or Hatchback - I don't really care. Albert refuses to drive the last two, and neither of us wants a Van, so that leaves us with the first two. These cars can be rather expensive, with used ones (5 year+) still selling for 15-20k. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but it's one more headache to add to the long line of things weighing on my mind.

On a positive note, Marcie checked out the venue and she really likes it! Next step is for me to see it too.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Time Flies..

When you've got too much on your plate!

Wow is it just zipping by! I'm struggling with an ever-growing guest list and a husband who is wanting to have input on everything. Which is great, but when you have to make decisions on the fly, becomes a bit hampering... I love you baby, but maybe this is a situation where less is more?

So my friend Marcie checked out our venue for us, and it's great! But it doesn't have chairs/tables in the rental cost, which is a bit of a bummer. We're also trying to figure out if its possible to broadcast the reception for people who aren't able to make it.

I'm torn about what I should do for the wedding cake/cupcakes. I do this for other people but I wonder if I should try to do it for myself. I can imagine that it would be quite a headache. I'm contemplating making the cupcakes ahead of time and freezing them and icing them the day before the wedding.

So many things to think about!!

Monday, 21 February 2011


   Hello all.
 It looks like i should have pulled out my laptop earlier today. :D
 Mary beat me to the post.
 I will add to her post however in saying she looks cute with a baby.
 I did take that picture so please feel free to comment on the focus or style. .. gently of course.
 So far except for driving in the snow vancouver has been a blast, if lots of driving.
180k so far and counting.
Dinner was fantastic. I will now offically request picturs of dinner.
 Please upload my darling.   You know i think i am still full from all the pasta.


So we are in the lower mainland today. We missed our 9:00am ferry and unfortunately this caused us to miss Katie and Dad before they headed back to Alberta. Originally we were planning to see Marcie today but she was feeling under the weather so we will try to catch her tomorrow.

Always one to see the silver lining, these setbacks DID allow us more time to visit with Jamie, Bonkosa and their little acorn Luke. After being fed by Mom, all he wanted to do was snooze. :) Isn't he cute?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Invitation Proof

Busy Night

So tonight we're getting ready to visit friends and family on the mainland tomorrow, which is always fun but hectic. Kikyo (my cat) and Albert are hanging out in the bedroom and I'm working on finishing up a proof of our wedding invitations to give to Marcie. Marcie is helping me get stuff organized in Vancouver for all the wedding planning. It will be good for her to have a reference.

I'll add the proof in the next post :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mary is mobile!

I'm blogging from my phone! Isn't technology amazing?!


Hey guys! So, Albert has been bugging me to set up a blog. Now he can stop bugging me :) This will be our shared space to post whatever we feel like it. There's no particular theme; it's just a look into our lives and minds.

You'll find most of my posts will be late afternoon or late at night and his will be early morning or early afternoon: such is the nature of our work schedules.

I'm sure he'll be posting things like weird recipes (Albert: "Hey! :(" Me: "What? They are!") he's tried and cool video games, just like I know he's sure I'm going to be posting stuff about the wedding and crafting stuff.

I went to Michaels today. It's always a very dangerous thing. I bought stuff mostly for our wedding including teal bubble wands! I'm super stoked about them! I also picked up more card stock and some ribbon to start finishing off the invitations. I don't even have the list finalized yet.

Hopefully I can touch base with Marcie soon... she's going to be my liason on the mainland while I get all this organized.

In any case, it's quite late so I'm gonna go to bed. Sleep well everyone!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Howdy Folks

Hey guys! More info to come soon. Just getting the URL redirection set up.