Monday, 21 February 2011


   Hello all.
 It looks like i should have pulled out my laptop earlier today. :D
 Mary beat me to the post.
 I will add to her post however in saying she looks cute with a baby.
 I did take that picture so please feel free to comment on the focus or style. .. gently of course.
 So far except for driving in the snow vancouver has been a blast, if lots of driving.
180k so far and counting.
Dinner was fantastic. I will now offically request picturs of dinner.
 Please upload my darling.   You know i think i am still full from all the pasta.


So we are in the lower mainland today. We missed our 9:00am ferry and unfortunately this caused us to miss Katie and Dad before they headed back to Alberta. Originally we were planning to see Marcie today but she was feeling under the weather so we will try to catch her tomorrow.

Always one to see the silver lining, these setbacks DID allow us more time to visit with Jamie, Bonkosa and their little acorn Luke. After being fed by Mom, all he wanted to do was snooze. :) Isn't he cute?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Invitation Proof

Busy Night

So tonight we're getting ready to visit friends and family on the mainland tomorrow, which is always fun but hectic. Kikyo (my cat) and Albert are hanging out in the bedroom and I'm working on finishing up a proof of our wedding invitations to give to Marcie. Marcie is helping me get stuff organized in Vancouver for all the wedding planning. It will be good for her to have a reference.

I'll add the proof in the next post :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mary is mobile!

I'm blogging from my phone! Isn't technology amazing?!


Hey guys! So, Albert has been bugging me to set up a blog. Now he can stop bugging me :) This will be our shared space to post whatever we feel like it. There's no particular theme; it's just a look into our lives and minds.

You'll find most of my posts will be late afternoon or late at night and his will be early morning or early afternoon: such is the nature of our work schedules.

I'm sure he'll be posting things like weird recipes (Albert: "Hey! :(" Me: "What? They are!") he's tried and cool video games, just like I know he's sure I'm going to be posting stuff about the wedding and crafting stuff.

I went to Michaels today. It's always a very dangerous thing. I bought stuff mostly for our wedding including teal bubble wands! I'm super stoked about them! I also picked up more card stock and some ribbon to start finishing off the invitations. I don't even have the list finalized yet.

Hopefully I can touch base with Marcie soon... she's going to be my liason on the mainland while I get all this organized.

In any case, it's quite late so I'm gonna go to bed. Sleep well everyone!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Howdy Folks

Hey guys! More info to come soon. Just getting the URL redirection set up.