Thursday, 17 February 2011


Hey guys! So, Albert has been bugging me to set up a blog. Now he can stop bugging me :) This will be our shared space to post whatever we feel like it. There's no particular theme; it's just a look into our lives and minds.

You'll find most of my posts will be late afternoon or late at night and his will be early morning or early afternoon: such is the nature of our work schedules.

I'm sure he'll be posting things like weird recipes (Albert: "Hey! :(" Me: "What? They are!") he's tried and cool video games, just like I know he's sure I'm going to be posting stuff about the wedding and crafting stuff.

I went to Michaels today. It's always a very dangerous thing. I bought stuff mostly for our wedding including teal bubble wands! I'm super stoked about them! I also picked up more card stock and some ribbon to start finishing off the invitations. I don't even have the list finalized yet.

Hopefully I can touch base with Marcie soon... she's going to be my liason on the mainland while I get all this organized.

In any case, it's quite late so I'm gonna go to bed. Sleep well everyone!

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