Thursday, 7 April 2011


My life is lived in point form right now... its getting overwhelming!

  • Original venue fell through
    • Alternate venue is fabulous but we're waiting to see if that day is possible. If not, it could mean changing the date by a little
    • Because of this change I'll be only able to have 80 people in attendence
    • I still haven't told the caterer
  • Ordered the favours and the candy for the favours
    • After we arrive it means a lot of wrapping/packaging
  • Mom and I found some great pussywillows, but I don't know if its enough
    • We'll have to possibly find a filler or an alternate source
  • Albert's ring is the wrong size, again, so we have to order another
  • I have to find someone to get my dress altered with that will not send the garment away
    • Push comes to shove I may have to alter it myself, which makes me scared
  • I have to get my passport submitted ASAP to make sure I can go on my honeymoon
  • Money is being an issue. Making decisions and the ability to act are harder because of it
  • We're looking at rental apartments and the price of housing out here is making me sick. It's more expensive than an apartment in Kits and creeping up on Yaletown pricing
So that's my life right now... My brain is gonna explode soon, but Mom and Dad are doing what they can, so I can only just try to breathe.

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