Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time Marches On

Well here we are. A scant 15 days before the event. I need to crack down and call everyone who hasn't RSVP'd yet.

If any of you are wondering why we haven't said anything about where we're registered, it's because we have our whole life in storage right now. We don't even know what we need. We're pretty sure we don't need anything. Except a queen size bed. But even if we got that, we'd have no place to put it right now!

Our personal time line is crazy. We want to move into our own place this fall, but Albert will be getting transferred to another Kal-Tire store in the spring, so we have to find a place that's month by month payments. In Victoria, that's uncommon. Most places are a year lease required. We'll also be fighting with the market, as there will be a lot of students coming back to Victoria for their next semester of schooling. This reliable influx of renters makes the market expensive and brutal.

My dress is being altered as we speak. I didn't really realize how heavy it was! Hopefully I don't collapse under it lol.

The 14-day trend forecast is predicting sun and a high of 17 degrees. I hope it stays that way! Not that we'll be on the beach for long. I'm considering blankets for everyone to sit on the ground if they want. Chairs would just sink into the sand. Otherwise it will just be standing for 15-20 minutes while we do the short I Do's. Super Casual! And then its inside for iced tea and lemonade! Or a beer. If that's your thing.

Anyway, thought I'd just drop a line in here :) Hope everyone is well!


  1. Hi Mary, Dave kehler here. I profusely apologize for not rsvping sooner. I attempted to rsvp via the website, but it would not let me. If there is still room available, Rachel and I would like to attend on the 11th.

  2. Hey Dave!

    It's Mary.

    You guys are totally welcome to come :D I'd love to see you there :) Your parents and Lisa are also coming.

    What was the error it is giving you?

    You can email me back at