Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Things are starting to come together! I've got the numbers finalized with our caterer, and the food it going to be tremendous!

I have cakes and pastries galore ordered from the caterers, Veneto's Cakes and Pastries, and I even have some home made special request items. Can you tell Albert and I have a sweet tooth?

My dress is being drycleaned, I have our Special Events Liquor License, Mom is working diligently on our floral arrangements and I'm starting on the seating arrangement tonight. I still have oodles of little things to do, but it's nice that I can count some of these things done off the check list.

I'm in Abbotsford right now. I left Victoria on Monday and I forgot my earrings at home! :( Super sad about that. Because I'm such a scatter brain, I can't even tell Albert where they are, because I don't remember! I know what they're packaged in, but I honestly can't tell you where I put them down last.

Anyway, on a much homier note, I found the cutest perfume bottle (shaped like a roman goddess), a like-new Tupperware jello mold and a replacement bowl for my Sunbeam (I'm constantly having to wash the single one I have) while thrift shopping with my sister. If one thing can be said about Abbotsford, it is the abundance of thrift stores and I have great fun poking through them.

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