Hey guys! Quick update for this week.

Once again, our venue is:

12160 Beecher Street
Crescent Beach, BC (aka White Rock)

Parking is available near the venue and in surrounding areas. The venue does ask that you avoid parking in front of businesses if possible.

The re-affirmation ceremony starts at 4:30pm and will last for approximately 20-30 minutes and is currently planned outdoors. Don't worry about rain, we can move it inside at the drop of a hat! (We're still hoping for sun though). Bring sunscreen if it is sunny.

After, please help yourself to a beverage on the way into the hall and find the glass with your name on it (it will have your table number on it)

Food will be served starting at approximately 5:30pm and the evening will last until 10:00pm. Unfortunately there will not be a dance floor available due to the space of this venue.

Beverages of all kinds will be available throughout the reception. If you are drinking, please make sure you have a designated driver.

Finally, as we have had a couple of inquiries, Albert and I do not have a wedding registry. We already have our household :) However, there are a few electronics that we would love to be able to get in the future, so if any of you are unsure as to what to get if you are considering a gift (not required!), a gift certificate to Best Buy would be greatly appreciated.

Much love, and we can't wait to see you on Saturday!

If you've been invited to our wedding happening this summer, there is a lot of stuff you will want to know! Things like RSVP, maps, locations, times, gift requests, etc. This page is going to attempt to cover all of your concerns. If you have any suggestions for us, please post a comment on our blog and we'll add the information you need.

To RSVP for the wedding, please click here and fill out the form.

ATTENTION: The address on the invitations is INCORRECT. The correct address is 12160 Beecher Street about 2 blocks away. I incorrectly quoted the administrative building for the property.

Our venue is the beautiful Beecher Place. Check out their brochure for direction information or check out the google map.

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If anyone is choosing to take public transit:

From the King George Station Bay 2, or Surrey Central Station Bay 10, take bus 321 White Rock Center, for approximately 45 minutes. Depart the bus at the Semiahmoo Shopping Center. It will let you out at Bay 8. Walk to Bay 3 and take the 351 Crescent Beach. Allow the bus to go down Sullivan and then turn down McBride. Before it turns down Beecher to head back towards the Semiahmoo Shopping Center, or just after it makes the turn onto Beecher, depart the bus and walk West on Beecher until the road ends at a round about. Beecher place is on the left corner of the round about.

The Hotels:
There aren't any locations within walking distance but the following hotels are within 3-5 km of the reception location.

We will probably be staying at the Ocean Promenade Hotel.